Windows 10 Creators Update lets administrators take away some user options

Geronimo Vena
Aprile 18, 2017

Attentive Insiders will also notice that the build numbers for the PC and mobile versions of pre-release Windows 10 updates no longer sync up. That was a watered-down version of Windows 8 that didn't really catch on, but rather caused confusion and disappointment more than anything else.

The rumor mills have widely reported that Microsoft has already developed its Windows 10 Cloud operating system which has been specifically created to target the educational sector.

The Windows 10 Creators update adds a lot of exciting features and improvements, like the "Game Mode", and Microsoft Edge changes. If you are in the market for a notebook in that price range right now, Microsoft is discounting the price by a few hundred bucks to $1,299.

The new Windows Defender Security Centre, on the other hand, keeps users well-protected by default and will continue to be protected for as long as possible. The Surface 3 offers a ideal mix of performance and value starting at $499; however, it is no longer on sale in the Microsoft store. This is exactly what rumors suggest is happening to the Surface Book. And I'll see you in the next one b... bye! That event might be where we see a new Surface Pro 5 debut as well. The company won't likely have a big event when it finally reveals the 2-in-1 hybrid device. While the entire world is waiting for the upgrades to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft has some other plans going forward.

Microsoft has now officially announced that it will be holding an event on May 2. Strangely, only certain Windows Phone devices will get the Windows 10 Creators Update.

We may have confirmation that Surface Pro 5 exists and that it will be featuring Intel Kaby Lake processor, but it is still not confirmed when the tablet will be released because latest reports indicate that though there is a Microsoft event on May 2, it doesn't involve a Surface Pro 5. It's speculated that Redmond could launch a cost-effective computing device, similar to Google Chromebooks running Chrome OS, running a variant of the operating system called Windows 10 Cloud which came to light earlier this year. And last fall the company made a convincing play for creators with its impressive-and expensive-Surface Studio all-in-one PC.

Windows 10's own browser has suffered in the past few years, not least from its unfortunate association with Microsoft's very bad Internet Explorer.

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