Trump tells Times Obama aide might have broken the law

Geronimo Vena
Aprile 18, 2017

Trump did not offer any evidence to support his claim.

"I have asked the Intelligence Committee, Sen".

Trump told the New York Times Wednesday that media outlets, including the Times, have not adequately covered the story.

Trump, who has a history of promising to produce evidence to back up his unverified claims and failing to do so, did not state what crime he was accusing Rice of committing.

Or maybe it's not sexism or racism, but the fact that Rice - with her clear history of dishonest public statements - has totally altered her story. In an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Monday, April 4, Rice flatly denied allegations she tried to "unmask" Trump campaign officials caught on surveillance by USA intelligence services with ill intent. That process is called "unmasking", and Rice had the authority to do so while serving as national security adviser. Eli Lake of Bloomberg reported the foreign officials being monitored were discussing "valuable political information" that required the identity of the people they were speaking to, or about, to be uncovered. And then you have people like Evelyn Farkas, who tell us that the administration was putting pressure on members of Congress to ask the intelligence community for as much disclosure as possible.

But President Trump in an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday said he thinks Rice committed a crime.

Trump was asked if he believes Rice engaged in criminal activity.

It remains to be seen if Rice will ever respond to Paul's requests, or if serious Congressional investigations will be launched regarding the legality of her actions.

Intelligence officials said any requests that Rice may have made would have been handled by the intelligence agency responsible for the report, which in most cases would have been the National Security Agency. Well, Susan has returned and is once again found herself being questioned for handling intelligence involving the associates of President Trump.

Paronto said it's very suspect that Rice seems to have changed her story, as she had previously claimed she knew "nothing" about the intelligence reports. Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin also defended Rice, saying, "she was doing her job".

The House Intelligence Committee's ranking Democrat, Adam Schiff of California, praised Nunes' recusal.

The press conference came after Nunes reviewed classified documents that he says he got from a secret source. "Was this surveillance of Trump officials "incidental" collection gathered while listening to a foreigner, or were some Trump officials directly targeted, or "reverse targeted"? She is a White House staffer.

Well, first I would try to find out if these allegations are true.

Nunes has apologized for the way he presented his information, but that hasn't stopped Democratic and Republican leaders alike from questioning his ability to oversee a fair investigation of the Russian Federation matter.

"From my direct experience dealing at this level, that is never done", said Tony Shaffer, a retired US Army Lt. Col. with experience in intelligence operations.

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