Pence: 'All Options Are On The Table' With North Korea

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 18, 2017

In a recent presidential debate all the top party candidates, representing both liberal and conservative views, spoke out against the US taking unilateral military action against North Korea. But Pence expressed impatience with the unwillingness of the regime to move toward ridding itself of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Seoul, South Korea shortly after the failed missile launch.

Pence told the military members that he had spoken twice with President Donald Trump during the day.

"The United States and our allies have stood together for a denuclearized Korean Peninsula".

Tensions on the peninsula have ratcheted up in recent weeks, amid tit-for-tat saber-rattling from the United States and North Korea and analysts' warnings that North Korea was preparing for a sixth nuclear test.

"Just in the past two weeks we witnessed the strength of resolve of our new leader". He also met with American troops stationed at the joint U.S. The joint U.S. -South Korean military camp is just outside the 2.5-mile-wide DMZ.

"Needless to say, diplomatic effort is important to maintain peace. But dialogue for the sake of having dialogue is meaningless".

The US, its allies and China are working together on a range of responses to North Korea's latest failed ballistic missile test, Trump's national security adviser said, citing what he called an worldwide consensus to act.

Pence's visit has been full of Cold War symbolism and his comments came amid spiraling tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"The President and his military team are aware of North Korea's most recent unsuccessful missile launch".

"Whatever change happens in your elections the commitment of the United States to South Korea's safety and security will remain unchanged", Pence said.

Pointing to the recent USA airstrike on a Syrian base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack, Kim said "the US without any hesitation perpetrates military attacks" and threatens sovereign states. "Our hope is that we can resolve this issue peaceably", Pence said in an exclusive interview at the DMZ.

The Trump administration is hoping that China will help rein in North Korea in exchange for other considerations.

After a two-month policy review, officials settled on a policy dubbed "maximum pressure and engagement", US officials said Friday.

The officials weren't authorized to speak publicly on the results of the policy review and requested anonymity.

North Korea's KCNA news agency on Monday carried a letter from leader Kim Jong Un to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad marking the 70th anniversary of Syria's independence.

Pence told a news conference in South Korea that "the era of strategic patience is over" after North Korea on Sunday test-fired another missile as fears mounted that it may be preparing a sixth nuclear test.

"I appreciate the United States taking a clear position on various occasions including at the US, China summit with regard to China's unfair actions in connection with the USFK (United States Forces in Korea) deployment of THAAD", he said.

Trump acknowledged on Sunday that the softer line he had taken on China's management of its currency was linked to its help on North Korea.

Of its failure, former British conservative foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind told the BBC on Sunday: 'It could have failed because the system is not competent enough to make it work, but there is a very strong belief that the United States - through cyber methods - has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts of tests and making them fail'. Then we get to see if Trump really is a paper tiger on his tough trade talk with China. That led North Korea to issue routine threats of attacks on its rivals if they show signs of aggression.

Earlier, US Vice-President Mike Pence warned North Korea not to test the US. It test-fired a missile on Sunday that exploded within seconds of launch, following a grand military parade on Saturday.

While McMaster conceded that estimates on North Korea's weapons capabilities "vary widely", even failed missile tests can allow them to improve their programmes, he said. Beijing could stop supplying oil to Pyongyang if it conducts a new nuclear test, according to the Global Times newspaper.

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