Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer in Easter bunny suit on 'SNL'

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 18, 2017

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"And P.S., I'd like you also to know I am sensitive to the fact that they were sent there on trains", McCarthy's Spicer said while discussing the Holocaust.

Spicer claimed that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons during World War II and referred to Nazi concentration camps as "Holocaust centers".

But Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy were again the center of it all on the latest SNL, returning as President Trump and Sean Spicer, respectively.

And in an Easter bunny costume, no less!

Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live for her darkest Sean Spicer skit yet.

Jimmy Kimmel had already taken a swipe at Spicer, but with all due respect to Kimmel, this sketch is a step up, with McCarthy nailing Spicer's unfortunate tendency to shoot stuff straight out of his mouth without thinking of the consequences. But the message didn't particularly involve Easter.

The skit began with McCarthy's Spicer wishing everyone a happy Easter in his usual fashion. "Get out of here!"

He told the press corps that they finally "got what [they] wanted" because "Spicy finally made a mistake", by saying that Hitler never used chemical weapons.

Trump then goes on to reminisce about the "great memories" he's had inside the office. "Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on Jews!" he yelled. "If you guys didn't focus on every little slur and lie I said", she said.

But the comedic highlight of the sketch was when McCarthy explained the genesis of Passover.

The phrase "crouching tiger, hidden dreidel" may have also popped up during the botched history lesson.

The sketch ends with Spicer driving an egg-shaped golf cart over his podium, right after he blurts out: "By the way the President's probably going to bomb North Korea tonight".

"Let's go, kids, eat all the candy you want, cause it's probably the last Easter that we will ever have on Earth."

"Standing before me are my two top advisers", Trump said, calling back to his time as the host of the NBC reality series. But Spicer took that job voluntarily.

The ambiguous identity of President Donald Trump's Easter Bunny is the least of the administration's concerns surrounding the Egg Roll.

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