Two Officers Fired After Videos Of Brutal Motorist Beating Surface

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 17, 2017

For the second time this week, bystander video appears to show a white police officer stomping on a handcuffed black suspect's head during an arrest.

Police discovered video showing Bongiovanni hitting 21-year-old Demetrius Bryan Hollins in the face when the man stepped out of his auto with his hands up during a Wednesday traffic stop.

Days after two officers in suburban Atlanta were fired when videos surfaced showing them kicking and punching a motorist, authorities have reportedly dismissed almost 90 cases involving the pair.

The video from Wednesday afternoon showed Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni pulling 21-year-old Demetrius Bryan Hollins from his auto on a highway outside of Lawrenceville, Georgia. He has been fired for kicking a handcuffed man in the head during a traffic stop. Are police departments reacting differently now when confronted with video evidence showing the misconduct of officers? "The video was contrary to what was reported by Michael Bongiovanni", the department said in a statement. Both officers were fired on Thursday, and may face criminal charges.

"The revelations uncovered in this entire investigation are shocking". "We don't know what happened, we don't know what type of suspect this is, but this is going to have to be dealt with - we're going to demand some answers on this".

It shows 19 year veteran Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni pulling the driver out of a red vehicle. Police said the man, Demetrius Hollins, resisted arrested after being pulled over for a broken tail light.

The person who was assaulted has been identified as 21-year-old Demetrius Bryan Hollins of Lawrenceville, Ga., according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I have to make sure your license is good and that the auto is not stolen", the officer said. As Attorney General Jeff Sessions moves to de-emphasize reform that might address the issue of police brutality, it's unlikely the picture will become clearer anytime soon.

Bongiovanni eventually said he needed to use a Taser on Hollins and handcuff him.

Hollins left the Gwinnett County Jail Thursday with a bloodied face, telling local station WSB-TV, "All I can say is, I wish this had never happened to me". "As he stands with his hands up, [Sergeant] Michael Bongiovanni strikes the man in the face", the police said in a statement. When he got out to talk to the driver, the officer claimed he could smell marijuana. The terminations come just a day after the incident occurred, in large part because the department was not hamstrung by legal privileges of public employees that prevent such timely terminations in many other jurisdictions.

Both officers did not respond immediately to CNN requests for comment.

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