Iran Imposes Sanctions Against 15 US Companies 'Supporting Terrorism'

Paterniano Del Favero
Marzo 27, 2017

The Islamic Republic of Iran has put 15 American companies under sanctions, in response to Washington's imposition of new sanctions against Tehran, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency, citing a Foreign Ministry statement.

Iran on Sunday announced that it has imposed sanctions on 15 USA companies for alleged human rights violations and cooperating with Israel, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"Imposition of new sanctions by the USA is based on fabricated and illegitimate pretexts and amount to an action against the worldwide regulations", Tehran claimed, adding that strengthening its missile system is "enhancement of the country's defense capabilities" and is not aimed towards aggression.

"Hereby, the Islamic Republic repeats and insists that strengthening and enhancement of the country's defense capabilities, including boosting Iran's missile defense power, remains to be certain and inevitable in a bid to safeguard the country's right to defend itself against any foreign aggression and build up its deterrence power against threats".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran accepts no restrictions imposed against its efforts to protect its dignity, territorial integrity and security of the people".

The Iranian move comes two days after the United States imposed sanctions on thirty foreign companies and individuals for allegedly violating export controls on Iran, North Korea and Syria.

"The new measures of the American government, in imposing unilateral sanctions beyond its borders against individuals and entities from Iran and other countries based on fabricated and unjustified claims, are unfit to the worldwide laws and regulations and betray the letter and general spirit of the JCPOA".

The statement said that these companies have directly and or indirectly collaborated with the Israeli in committing its savage crimes in occupied Palestine, thrown their weight behind the regime's terrorist acts or contributed to the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories in flagrant violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

Among the companies are major U.S. defense contractor Raytheon, Re/Max Real Estate, gun manufacturer Magnum Research, defense and military equipment producer Oshkosh Corporation, and Elbit Systems.

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