Brazilian government orders meat recall

Paterniano Del Favero
Marzo 26, 2017

A dozen countries, including Brazil's largest trading partner, China, have suspended imports of Brazilian meat as a precaution, and eight others have stopped imports from the plants under investigation.

However, the company said both products would continue to be available as the latest ingredients used certified meat from mainland China, Sing Pao Daily reported.

Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced on Saturday the resumption of imports of meat and poultry products from Brazil. For both meat and poultry, China also was in second place with almost $859.5 million in imports.

Yesterday, the DVS confirmed that beef and chicken meat imported from Brazil were not connected to the 21 processing plants involved in the meat scandal in that country.

President Michel Temer, in a statement, welcomed China's decision as an "acknowledgement of reliability" and expressed his "total confidence" that "other countries will follow the example of China". "This testifies categorically to the solidity and quality of the Brazilian sanitary system and is a victory for our exporting capacity", he wrote.

Top Chinese retailers in the country removed Brazilian beef and poultry from their shelves.Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and South Africa have announced partial or all-out bans on Brazilian meat imports this week, following measures similar to those taken by China, the European Union and Chile.

"Lifting this suspension was the result of a giant effort by Brazil to explain that the investigation targeted the conduct of individuals and not the quality of the meat", Mr Maggi told Reuters news agency. The Brazilian authorities later imposed an export ban on 21 plants. Police have arrested more than 30 people and three plants have been closed. According to the police, the adulterated meat was sold in the domestic market as well as exported.

Sales in 2016 reached $5.9 billion in poultry and $4.3 billion in beef, according to Brazilian government data.

China, including Hong Kong, is the biggest export market for Brazilian meat, buying about a third of the $5.5 billion of beef shipped from Latin America's largest economy a year ago, according to the meat exporters' group Abiec.

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