Tories 'scared' of new independence vote, says SNP's Angus Robertson

Paterniano Del Favero
Marzo 20, 2017

The SNP's deputy leader, Angus Robertson will open his party's spring conference on Friday by saying the people of Scotland should decide their own future.

"There will be an independence referendum". "They are now terrified of the verdict of the Scottish people". Sturgeon said her preferred timing for a vote would be between autumn 2019 and spring 2019, shortly before the United Kingdom officially leaves the EU.

Tusk tweeted on Wednesday morning that the 28-nation bloc "would not be intimidated" by threats that the European Union would be left in a worse position than Britain if the latter walked away at the end of negotiations with no exit deal.

"To stand in defiance of (Scottish parliamentary authorization) would be for the prime minister to shatter beyond fix any notion of the United Kingdom as a respectful partnership of equals", Sturgeon said.

The SNP runs a minority administration in Edinburgh but the left-wing Greens have pledged their support, which would give Sturgeon enough votes for a majority.

The First Minister will say: "Recent studies estimate that the economy needs 12,800 new workers with digital skills each year".

While May fell short of saying her government would block a second independence referendum, her Scottish minister David Mundell was more forthright.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, whose party has the second-largest bloc of seats, said the Tories would "reject conclusively the timetable for a referendum set out by the Scottish Government".

"If her concern is timing then - within reason - I am happy to have that discussion, but let the prime minister be in no doubt, the will of our parliament must and will prevail", she said.

Delegates greeted her address with standing ovations.

She said that one medic, who had spent more than 25 years working for the health service in Scotland, had been left feeling he "was no more than a pawn in Theresa May's Brexit game". The establishment-backed "No" side ran a scaremongering campaign based on fear that included, among other things, the insistence that an independent Scotland would be unable to join the European Union - a claim dramatically turned on its head by Britain's "Brexit" vote.

Even if Scotland could enter the European Union, there is no guarantee that its citizens will want to.Recent polls show a rise in Euroskepticism among Scots, particularly amongst the youth.

"It is now clear that using Brexit as the pretext to engineer a second independence referendum has been the SNP's sole objective", she said.

He called for Holyrood to be handed a raft of powers after Brexit, including the ability to set Value-Added Tax rates, sign worldwide treaties, and regulate the environment, employment and energy.

Carrying out that threat has considerable risks for the popular leader of the Scottish National Party.

Brown is speaking at the Festival of Ideas where he will also call for the repatriation to Scotland of £800m spent by the EU.

While SNP ministers have been accused of ignoring day-to-day issues such as health and education as a result of their "obsession" with independence, Robison levelled the same charge against the Tories at Westminster. How can British ministers disagree, when so many of them urged Britons to "vote Leave, take control" last summer?

"Last time a lot of people voted for the status quo and against the unknown, but this time there is no status quo", said SNP member Paul Wright.

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